Metal meets elite: Munich's JD Power Trio is handing out musical slaps in the face while dressed in fancy suits.

The greats of the rock business are dying, the once dangerous singer-songwriters have become too comfortable, and the generation of up-and-comers cannot perform their over-produced songs live without a laptop... Time for the gentlemen of grunge: the JD Power Trio; a musical craft company, away from products of large corporations.

JD and his Power Trio are no newcomers and already have two full-length studio albums to their credit. Following their recent foray into the world of Americana with the "Charam" EP, as well as a slew of obscure unplugged covers that racked up over 20,000 views on YouTube, the gentlemen are now returning to the dark and loud side of guitar music.

Front-man JD creates music for adults with a certain baggage of life experience. The songs deal with the human condition, heartbreak and alienation. It comes across as authentic, not only because JD himself is a young adult trying to find his way with an open mind. Also in terms of music nothing is faked, as the band pursues their craft as analogue as possible and without backing tracks.

Guitar-driven rock/metal mixed with melodic vocals and presented in a sophisticated way - these are the trademarks of the energetic trio. The project is centered around the Munich singer, guitar player and academic JD - Jakub Dwornicki - a German-Polish artist who believes that heavy rock music is not out of place in high society. Together with Bonifaz Prexl (drums) and Matt Grissini (bass), they offer "Uneasy Listening" in elegant clothing as the JD Power Trio. The heavy riffs shall pump you up and the lyrics aim to encourage self-reflection and preach individuality.

This year the Trio are proud to announce a new EP titled Ivory Tower (Release: May 26th). The record comprises of four unapologetic hard rock songs, including a lyrical affirmation of dignity and civil courage in times of hedonistic consumerism.

JD Power Trio pay great attention to professionalism and a well-groomed appearance. However, the official attire does not mean that the band stands still like at an assembly. On the contrary, the Munich local press describes JD as a "tireless headbanger" - of course the entire musical package is presented in a charismatic live performance. Suit and tie notwithstanding.

JD performs live - both solo and unplugged, as well as loud and electric with his Power Trio.

JD Power Trio is:

Jakub Dwornicki – vocals, guitars

Matt Grissini – bass

Bonifaz Prexl – drums, backing vocals



Management: Jacek Gluszko

Booking and inquiries: info@jdpowertrio.com



B/W photos: Oskar Szramka

Live photos: Dom / JarEye

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