From the heart of Bavaria comes a solid punch straight to the eardrum. Guitar-driven rock, strong melodic vocals and dynamic song structures are the typical characteristics of JD.

JD sees himself as a musical craft brewery, far away from products of large corporations. At home with alternative rock from the early 90's, living in an utopian vision of the world, where artists still make music from the heart, with the hope of reaching like-minded listeners. JD presents handmade songs, created as a result of human contemplation, with the belief that these sounds can offer something of value to the music fan.

JD is proud to annouce the new album "Charam" - an EP consisting of 5 diverse songs in a mild unplugged setting, defined by acoustic guitars with memorable vocals. Southern meets art rock, Americana made in Munich.

The word "Charam" comes from ancient Hebrew and means "devoted to destruction".

JD performs live - both solo and unplugged, as well as loud and electric with his Power Trio.

JD Power Trio is:

Jakub Dwornicki – vocals, guitars

Matt Grissini – bass

Bonifaz Prexl – drums, backing vocals



Management: Jacek Gluszko

Booking and inquiries: info@jdpowertrio.com

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